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Hope for Life

Foundation of Hope

Revival of Hope

A Grace Driven Church

Growing in the Love of Christ

Reaching in the Name of Christ

Affirming in the Body of Christ

Caring in the Nature of Christ

Exalting in the Glory of Christ

Individual 2017 Sermons

Just When We Need Him Most

The Empty Promises of Easter

Palms In The Garden

Saved To Serve

Back Against The Wall

Sealed With A Promise

Spiritual Wellness

How Well Do You Hear?

How Well Do You Read?

How Well Do You Pray?

How Well Do You Give?

How Well Do You Love?

How Well Do You Hope?

Sermons for the New Year - 2017

How To Have a Happy New Year

Priorities for the New Year

Questions People Ask

How Can I Be A Successful Christian?

How Can I Know I'm In God's Will?

Can a Saved Person Ever Be Lost? Part 1

Can a Saved Person Ever Be Lost? Part 2

Can a Saved Person Ever Be Lost? Part 3

Building Blocks for Success


Fear and Faith - Part 1

Fear and Faith - Part 2

Overcoming Opposition - Part 1

Overcoming Opposition - Part 2